Spoons and Simplicity

Orthodoxy, Chronic Illness and a quest for authentic life

I’m back

Hi everyone (that actually reads this) I’ve not been well for a long time, so I’ve fallen behind in updating here. But I’m trying to fix that! September brings us Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as an Ecclesiastical (Church) New Year (1st of September, which is also a Church mandated day to pray for and look after the environment), and I figure that’s as good as any a reason to begin blogging here again.

I missed posting about the ENY on the 1st of September, and the Nativity of the Theotokos on the 8th, but at least I am posting, and I will get there in a year’s time 🙂 I’m hoping to blog for (at least) a year my celebrations of the feasts, the seasons and my life as a blogger with Chronic Illness who is Orthodox and into the old skills side of Simple Living – making and growing my own food, making clothes, stitching and gardening. Simplicity as a lifestyle I am starting to try and embrace, but I find it’s a struggle due to years of consumerism to make myself feel better while fighting my illnesses and living life from ‘four walls’ most of the time as well as our culture emphasising this everywhere we look.

I attend Church when I can, and this is the ideal, but I often cannot attend so my religious observances are more solitary than normal. This isn’t the norm and I hope to get to services more often to be physically present amongst the Church, but I am assured of the presence of the Church with me – the Saints and Angels throughout the millennia.

So my parish life and my ‘hermit’ life are both states of being that I find myself in depending on my health, and I’m still, having been sick longer than my Orthodox life, figuring out how that works. But as God helps me, I’ll get there.


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